Software Solutions Assistant

You will be based at the new Hi-Tech Hub, Strawberry Fields in Chorley where we have our own office space with a great outlook and full access to all the amenities of the Hub, including break-out areas and canteen facilities (subject to Covid-19 safeguards).

A hotbed of idea sharing with like-minded people and easy access to events of interest hosted at the centre, where there is also car parking. Although this is not a Tech or Software Developer position, an understanding or knowledge of these skills will be an advantage. You will have an interest in business solutions and an understanding of business operations and workflow.

The position is likely to be suitable for Business Studies Graduate or similar Degree or for someone with suitable hands-on experience in an industry environment. Your skills will include the ability to produce documentation using Microsoft Office/365 and/or Google office products. Being already familiar with software solutions and how they can assist within industry and business environments will get you off to a great start.The company you will be joining is well positioned in the Software Industry.

In this role, whilst you will not be directly involved in product production, you will understand the outlining of user research leading to product delivery pathways, identifying how they would run in live environments by developing skills in user testing and reiteration.

You may have, or will be expected to develop, skills in the delivery of product training, support and demonstrations across various media interfaces including Webinars or similar. You will depend on good customer relationships and user communications and your role will benefit from any previous experience of using IT & Software. You may wish to develop your interest in Sales/Consultancy which would be in line with our policy of providing Software Solutions into target environments in which the company has a deep understanding and therefore can evaluate and satisfy, our customers’ business needs. As part of our team you will be able to work and support our skilled Business Software development team which is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and suitable products to the market, delivering Transformation and Digitisation to SMEs across a range of industries. You will be office based although we intend to run a Blended Working environment with some potential for home working a possibility and when combined with confidence of a focus on the development of customer relationships, product knowledge, enhancement, support and delivery of our exciting latest portfolio of products.

Salary £22K to £32K subject to experience
Full Driving Licence Required


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